WELCOME to the exciting world of Geotechnical Engineering.

Where every project is unique and brings with it a great variety of engineering challenges. From the moment a project is conceived, throughout the design process, and into the final execution, our protocol ensures that a wide range of solutions are possible.

With three decades in the construction market, the phrase “Years of experience” only has meaning if it can be applied to the benefit of the client. This mindset has allowed us to carry out every project successfully.

DERCO manages to provide engineering of real value thanks to: a clear understanding of the clients’ needs by using advanced techniques; the variety of equipment at our disposal; and, last but by no means least, our highly trained personnel.

With the commitment that characterizes us, we run projects in a predictable, efficient, safe and reliable manner, keeping both to budget and schedule. This guarantees our client the best cost to benefit ratio.

Why Choose us?
A team - A family - Derco

We are a committed, passionate team, offering our customers a better service each and every day.


We care about our people, our community and the environment, no matter where we are or what we do.


We work in an honest, transparent and professional manner, conducting ourselves with integrity at all times.

We can do it!

Our proactive attitude ensures that we deliver each project on time, on budget and with the highest quality

Continuous improvement

Innovation is a fundamental part of our success. That’s why we promote it and apply it in all of our activities.

Value Engineering

Our experience, powers of analysis, and creative thinking allow us to propose innovative, alternative solutions for the project and thus optimize the client’s resources