Smog absorbing building

Palazzo Italia is the first building designed with concrete to purify the air. Its facade captures nitrogen dioxide and converts it into salt (photocatalytic process), when it rains, it is easily rinsed out, always keeping it clean. The facade is composed of a mixture of cement and titanium dioxide, called TX Active.

It was built for the Milan Expo 2015 as the Italian Pavilion and remained permanently, it has exhibition spaces, auditorium, delegations, offices, spaces for events, meeting spaces and a restaurant.

The city of Milan has high levels of environmental pollution that causes an increase in respiratory diseases. Nitrogen oxide is one of the main pollutants produced by the traffic and burning of fossil fuels, which are linked to a number of diseases such as asthma and allergies. For this reason the designers used the aforementioned materials, which inspires architects and engineers to reduce the environmental pollution that affects several cities around the world.
This concrete has been used for buildings in highly polluted places with excellent results. The Air France headquarters at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle International Airport, near Paris, where the white concrete building has kept its color, or the Jubilee Church in Rome, are just a few examples of the application of this technology.
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